National Library of Iran

Tehran, Iran

The building is the most sophisticated and advanced library in Iran and also the greatest resource center in the Middle East. It has provided numerous facilities for the country and will be the representative of Persian language and Iranian culture in the world information network.
The project significance is in its special technical approach to design and build a national library which has complex and different functions. The result is a technically outstanding building. Using up to date technologies of librarianship and considering global standards, the architects have created a contemporary Iranian architecture which coordinates the complex work and the high standards of construction and detailing.
The main principals that caused formation of the project are:
• Providing maximum flexibility within layout, structure and services so that the building is capable to be adapted to varying conditions of future.
• Compactness of the building for ease of movement of readers, staff and books.
• Accessibility of the library from exterior into the building and from entrance to all parts of the building with direct connection to the reading halls situated on the same floor or on another floor, immediately above or below.
• Creating an extendible, organized, comfortable, secure, varied and economic library committed to sustainable development considerations.