Master plan for Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman , Kerman (1972)


  In 1972, the late Mr. A Afzalipour, a philanthropic businessman, acquired an official permission to establish a university in Kerman, center of a south-eastern province of Iran. Mr. Afzalipour assigned BONYAN CONSULTING to prepare a campus master plan and design the buildings of that university.

Master plan and design concepts were developed so as to tackle the problem of uncertainty. It was set as a primary goal to have a flexible design both inside the buildings and in their inter-connections. In each stage of development, the campus was to be a complete and coherent whole, still allowing for future expansion without hindering the functioning departments.



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   The master plan was inspired by the organic urban grid of Kerman city center that has historically evolved in response to climatic conditions of a desert town. The height of the main building blocks are restricted to 3, optimizing seismological, climatic, economic and circulation considerations. Interconnection of the blocks on the upper stories, integrates educational and research spaces, thus enhancing flexibility. These also provide shadow and shelter for open pathways under-passing below. Careful distancing of blocks, along with articulate projections of the buildings, allow natural and controlled lighting for inner spaces while creating ample shadow for the inner courtyards. This general arrangement, permits one to cross the whole campus through courtyards and archways with minimal detours, under protection from direct sunlight or rain if needed, or to access other departments from within the buildings and through connecting corridors and internal patios.


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