The Grand Project of Extending the Holy Shrine of Hadrat (Saint) Masoomeh, Qom (2000)


  The project is a new extension to historical buildings of the holy shrine of Hadrat (Saint) Masoomeh in city of Qom. The original building of the holy shrine was founded in 2nd century of lunar hijri (9th century A.D.) and has been expanded during various periods of Iranian dynasties.

The 2 hectare area allocated to the project, which was part of 92 hectares rehabilitation master plan of Qom city center, was located to the south of the old complex. The extension provides new prayer halls, new Sahn (court) and supporting facilities and balances the needs of pilgrims with other requirements of culture, climate, technology and function. The gross area of the whole building is about 54000 sq m.

The most prominent characteristic of the project is its innovative approach of establishing a link with past besides creating a sacredness atmosphere by using up to date technology and materials.



   An intriguing design element of the project is the exposed white concrete structure of the superstructure, including a square based dome, waffle slab ceiling and complementing mushroom capitals, inspired by old geometric Persian motifs matching the structural analysis of moments. Selecting white color for the structure, decorations and inscriptions, the architects wished to inspire innocence and purity of Hadrat (Saint) Fatemeh Masoomeh.

Coherent white structure and decorations incorporating dramatic play of light poured in from skylights and marble flooring has created a new sense of place which is exclusive to this era and region as well as spiritual character.

Associated Awards

- “Distinguished concrete project”-  ICI (2005)

- “Honor Award” - President of I.R.Iran (2005)


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