National Library of Iran, Tehran (1993-2003)

  The new building of National Library of Iran is located at Abbass abad lands in north of Teheran. The National Library formerly was scattered in several buildings in various parts of the city.


In 1994, Commissioning Organization for Public State Buildings of Ministry of Housing and Urban Development set out a national competition for selecting best design for the new building of National Library. Pirraz won the competition and was assigned to design and supervise the total construction of the project.

The library building is constructed on a 62000 sq m plot. It has about 97000 sq m gross area with a capacity of about 4 million items (books, periodicals, manuscripts, maps, etc) in normal shelving and 7 million items in case of using compact shelving system or robots.

The structure is an organic whole which has created an intimate and inviting atmosphere. A single, solid, compact and at the same time horizontally-stretched structure, furnishes great flexibility and allows for smooth workflow.

The building at the same time is technically outstanding. Using up to minute technologies of librarianship and considering local and global standards, a contemporary Iranian architecture has been created which coordinates the complex work and high standards of construction and detailing.


Associated Awards

- “Design Award”- Environmental Engineering and

Architecture Forum (1997)

- “Distinguished concrete project”- ICI (2003)

- “Honor Award” - President of I.R.Iran (2005)


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