I.R.Iran international conference center, Tehran (1997)


  In early May 1997, the government of Iran decided to build a world class conference center suitable for hosting the unprecedented number of heads of states attending the 8th Islamic summit, due in Tehran on December 7th of the same year.

Due to the world importance of the summit, and especially in the eyes of the VIP guests, timely completion of the center was all important. Therefore Pirraz Consulting Planners, Architects & Engineers was selected as an expert client to manage all parts of the project.  

Design, construction and furnishing a large, modern and technologically advanced complex in only 180 days requires a strong and wide range of expertise in construction management, implementation methodologies and industrial know. The successful completion of this project is witness to the high levels of managerial and engineering skills available in Iran.

However, implementation of any complex job requires strong management. Tested methodologies that are tailored for similar conditions in a fast track construction project had to be re-evaluated. Organization of a multitude of personnel and machinery in a world record breaking deadline, in this project, was by far its most difficult task. The project management team, by inventing a flexible control strategy, allowed for many unexpected and unforeseen situations.

Associated Awards

- ''Honor Award"- President of I.R.Iran (1997)



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